What happens when a person who is supposed to guide you is lost herself? Would you continue to forgive someone you loved when they persisted to hurt you repeatedly through the years? Darrius McMillian loves his mother, Adrienne, but after years of hoping she would finally embrace a life of sobriety, he abandoned hope. The hole in his heart he struggled with is now being filled with anger toward his mother. When Adrienne's sudden reappearance stirs contention between Darrius and his sister Jacqui, she is pressured to either make a major change or lose her only daughter to a life she hates. Is Adrienne reliable enough to help Jacqui and herself? Is it too late to take the reigns as a parent when she has never embraced this role in the past? In this sequel to the hit novel, "A Hole in My Heart," about a young teen finding hope through prayer, "A Holiday Wish" brings back the characters as they experience new stumbling blocks. "A Holiday Wish" offers to encourage those who struggles with the same problems every day, and remind readers there's always the promise of a solution, as long as you work and pray for it.

A Holiday Wish

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