"Confessions...of a faithful woman" is a collection of arousing poems and stories that challenge contemporary views about sexuality, gender roles, spirituality & relationships. While expanding ideas about ancient practices, lifestyles and social relations; it allows the reader to take an intimate journey of arousing the mind, body and spirit. It is the beginning of the reader tapping into the divine desire to be whole, connected and satiated... It is the first in the "Confessions..." series. This series is named "Confessions..." because it goes against the status quo and what are generally accepted schools of thought. It allows for the unfettered potential of living and advancing as humans. Our words are powerful and when we use them trances of our spirit and energy are left behind. When we "confess" or speak our truths we acknowledge our right to live, think and act freely while understanding the responsibility of our actions.

Confessions of A Faithful Woman

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