"My Words, My Rules" by author Malaika Tinashe is a brilliant and revealing poetry book that reflects social injustices on profound levels. The author uses her words with razor sharp clarity to mirror the brutalities, traumas and the loss of innocence she's experienced as a young black female growing up in the era of anti-abortion and #Metoo movements, attacks on the LGBTQ communities by the Trump Administration, police harassment of black youth, "misogynoir" specifically targeting black women and outgrowth of white supremacy groups in the 21st century. Malaika Tinashe shares the harsh, ugly, painful; even frightening truths about personal relationships of self-harm, pedophile encounters, date rape, abandonment, sexism, bullying and the loss of loved ones. Interwoven throughout her poetry is a message of hope, strength, optimism and a pragmatic approach to life? bad experiences may shape you but don't let them defeat you.

My Words, My Rules