Take an entertaining and educational journey to the African continent with the help of this vibrant paper doll collection. Artist Yuko Green has meticulously researched and carefully rendered two dolls and 29 traditional costumes for an attractive African couple.

Reflecting the rich diversity of tribal costumes, the garments include brilliantly colored robes displaying geometrical designs on kente cloth, worn by an Ashanti woman and man from Ghana; imported printed cotton outfits for an Itsekiri woman of Nigeria and her child; a loose-flowing agbada gown for a Yoruba man, animal skins adorning a Luo warrior from Kenya, simply draped robes and striped shawls for a Masai man and woman, and much else.


Accompanied by authentic headdresses, shields, beaded jewelry, a decorative ceremonial sword, drums, masks, and other tribal artifacts, this colorful collection of traditional costumes is ideal as a classroom teaching aid but will also delight paper doll fans, costume designers, and admirers of African culture.

Traditional African Costumes Paper Dolls

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